Signage and Other Services


We specialize in all aspects of signage including traffic signs, road symbol signs, ADA signage and any custom signage requested. We are able to install any traffic sign per city ordinance including signage to meet PBOT standards, City of Salem and many more.

Wheel Stops:

  • Installation of concrete wheel stops in parking lots
  • Rubbed Speed bumps
  • Recycled Rubber parking bumper curb stops

Asphalt Cleaning:

We are able to thoroughly clean your asphalt with special equipment and tools.  This includes the removal of moss, weeds, embedded dirt and any other non relative material to the asphalt.  We have rotary brooms and power brooms as well as high powered blowers. Some additional tools we use to clean include asphalt stiff metal wire brooms, long oil spot brooms, and high powered blowers. In addition to the use of hand tools, we are able to pressure wash your asphalt to relieve it from any dirt.  Below is a video of the rotary broom we use in action!